General Poster Session

General Poster Session Presentations
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Poster # Presenting Author Paper Title Session Topic
1 BIAN, Deyong    Fluid-structure interaction simulation of the underwater robotic arm for AUVs recovery General Poster Session
2 BIBER, Dr. Patrick    Assessing the Effectiveness of Seagrass Detection using Drone and Sonar Based Methods General Poster Session
3 BIRCH, Ms. Leslie    Dodging Ships: Is New Jersey Vessel Traffic a Threat to Underwater Gliders? General Poster Session
4 BLACK, Mr. Bryan    Atoll Island Formation General Poster Session
5 EDRINGTON, Dr. Clint    The Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples (IMLGS): Sample Once, Use Many Times General Poster Session
6 FRAZITTA, Prof. Vincenzo    An economic approach to choose the energy mix for small islands. A case study in the Mediterranean Sea General Poster Session
7 FRAZITTA, Prof. Vincenzo    Renewable energy sources for small islands: a case study in the Pacific Oceans General Poster Session
8 FRAZITTA, Prof. Vincenzo    Estimation of the environmental impact and wind energy producibility in the Mediterranean Sea General Poster Session
9 KATAYAMA, Prof. Takafumi    Refined Datasets and Saliency Map Analysis for Underwater Object Detection General Poster Session
10 KIM, Prof. Jongsun    Visualization of productivity zones based on nitrogen mass balance model in coastal Gulf of Mexico General Poster Session
11 MA, Dr. Barry    Passive acoustic measurements on autonomous profiling floats General Poster Session
12 PARK, Ms. Min-Gyeong    The Development and Application of Sea Surface Temperature Prediction Service System in East-Asia using Synthesis Data derived from Multi-Satellite Sensors: Supporting fishing activities around the Korean Peninsula General Poster Session
13 PRAKASH, Mr. K. Ravi    Distribution and formation of secondary subsurface ducts in global ocean model General Poster Session
14 QU, Dr. Yunfei    Analyses on protective honeycomb for high-pressure vessel under low-speed compression based on equivalent methods General Poster Session
15 RIZAL, Mr. Ardian    Examination of the Water Exchange Process in the Tidal Inlets of Mobile Bay, Alabama. General Poster Session
16 SCHMUNK, Ms. Shannon    Harnessing Technologies for Monitoring Pacific Conservation Areas: From Sea Floor to Sky General Poster Session
17 SHAHIDZADEHASADI, Ms. Mehrzad    Sensitivity analysis of lagrangian particle tracking in a hydrodynamic model of the Mississippi Sound using GPS-tagged drifters General Poster Session
18 SHEFFIELD, Brandon    Advances in Self-Supervised Learning for Synthetic Aperture Sonar Data Processing, Classification, and Pattern Recognition General Poster Session
19 SIMMONS, Abigail    Chinese Fishing Practices and its Global Implications General Poster Session
20 SLIFE-HILL, Dr. Caitlin    Riverine Impact on Nutrients and Organic Matter in the Western Mississippi Bight General Poster Session
21 SWAM, Lauren    National Mussel Watch Program: 2017 Assessment of Legacy Contaminants, Trace Metals, and Contaminants of Emerging Concern in the Gulf of Mexico General Poster Session
22 SZUTS, Dr. Zoltan    Shoreside Autonomy for Profiling Floats General Poster Session
23 YE, Tianzhuang    Analysis and Removal of Acoustic Rolling Shutter Effect General Poster Session