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Session:   3.0.5 Ocean Observing Platforms, Systems, and Instrumentation Management 5
Co-Chair(s):   Jason McKenna
Paige McCraine
Day:   Wednesday, September 27
Time:   1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Room:   D11  


Presenting Author:   Benjamin CohenMIT Lincoln Laboratory
Paper Title:   A High-Performance, Fully Encapsulated, Compact, Optics-Based Ocean Salinity Sensor
Author(s):   Stephen Lynch, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
David Brown, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Benjamin Cohen, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Catherine Devoe, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Andy Liu, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Nicholas Beaird, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Presenting Author:   Anuscheh NawazUniversity of Washignton, Applied Physics Laboratory
Paper Title:   Small, Low Power Salinity Sensors Based on Solid State Potentiometry for Ocean Applications
Author(s):   Anuscheh Nawaz, University of Washignton, Applied Physics Laboratory
David Burnett, Portland State University
Jaehyun Chung, University of Washington, Department of Mechanical Engineering
John Kucewicz, University of Washington, Applied Physics Laboratory
Scott Soelberg, University of Washington, Department of Meachnical Engineering
Micheal Steele, University of Washington, Applied Physics Laboratory

Presenting Author:   Umesh NeettiyathThe University of Tokyo
Paper Title:   Seafloor Classification based on an AUV Based Sub-bottom Acoustic Probe Data for Mn-crust survey
Author(s):   Umesh Neettiyath, The University of Tokyo
Harumi Sugimatsu, The University of Tokyo
Blair Thornton, University of Southampton

Presenting Author:   Evan ShapiroSofar Ocean
Paper Title:   Bristlemouth: A performant and capable open full-stack connectivity standard
Author(s):   Evan Shapiro, Sofar Ocean
Dan Breyre, Sofar Ocean
Tim Janssen, Sofar Ocean


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