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Session:   6.0.2 Marine Environment, Oceanography, and Meteorology 2
Co-Chair(s):   Dawn Petraitis
Jamshid (Jim) Gharib
Day:   Tuesday, September 26
Time:   3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Room:   D12  


Presenting Author:   Damien MckeownUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Paper Title:   Multi-step Sea Surface Height Anomaly Forecasting Based on Prototype Joint Spatiotemporal Network
Author(s):   Tian Ren, Tianjin University
Yuan Zhou, Tianjin University
Yuan Zhou, Tianjin University
Damien Mckeown, University of Southern Mississippi

Presenting Author:   Uchenna NwankwoGCOOS/GERG
Paper Title:   Checking VDatum Offshore With Bottom Mounted Pressure Gauge Geodetically Referenced with GNSS ASV
Author(s):   Uchenna Nwankwo, GCOOS/GERG
johnson oguntuase, university of southern mississippi
Stephan Howden, University of Southern Mississippi
david wells, University of New Brunswick

Presenting Author:   Tanner CumminsU.S. Naval Academy
Paper Title:   Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Wave Forces on Vertical Structures
Author(s):   Michelle Eckhoff, U.S. Naval Academy
Tanner Cummins, U.S. Naval Academy
Sarah Mouring, U.S. Naval Academy
Tori Tomiczek, U.S. Naval Academy

Presenting Author:   Meena RajuAuburn University
Paper Title:   Development of water quality time series inputs for hydrodynamic modeling based on sparse data.
Author(s):   Meena Raju, Auburn University
Anna Linhoss, Auburn University


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