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Session:   2.0.1 Sonar Signal/Image Processing 1
Co-Chair(s):   Ali Gurbuz
Sathish Samiappan
Day:   Tuesday, September 26
Time:   1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Room:   D10  


Presenting Author:   Kaushallya AdhikariUniversity of Rhode Island
Paper Title:   Underwater Signal Detection using Non-Parametric Classifiers
Author(s):   Kaushallya Adhikari, University of Rhode Island
Bo Tang, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Steven Kay, University of Rhode Island
Christopher Bell, University of Rhode Island

Presenting Author:   Ali GurbuzMississippi State University
Paper Title:   Machine Learning Based Automated Detection of Seafloor Gas Seeps
Author(s):   Ali Gurbuz, Mississippi State University
Bruce Hicks, Mississippi State University
Cemre Ayna, Mississippi State University
Senyurek Volkan, Mississippi State University
Adam Skarke, Mississippi State University
Surabhi Gupta, Mississippi State University

Presenting Author:   Ananya Sen GuptaUniversity of Iowa
Paper Title:   Employing geometric proxies in dynamic human features for supervised feature extraction in sonar signal processing
Author(s):   Ananya Sen Gupta, University of Iowa
Andrew Christensen, University of Iowa
Subhajit Das, Subhangik Dance Company
Ivars Kirsteins, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

Presenting Author:   Magnus Lundberg NordenvadSwedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)
Paper Title:   Evaluation of convex weight optimization for non-uniform hydrophone array
Author(s):   Fredrik Lindqvist, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)
Magnus Lundberg Nordenvad, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)
Robin Larsson Nordström, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)
Stefan Petrovic Wångerud, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

Presenting Author:   Wei MaZhejiang University
Paper Title:   A phase unwrapping algorithm based on periodicity extension
Author(s):   Wei Ma, Zhejiang University
Jianlong Li, Zhejiang University
Wen Xu, Zhejiang University


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