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Session:   10.1.1 Vehicle Design / Performance 1
Co-Chair(s):   Bharath Kalyan
Paige McCraine
Day:   Wednesday, September 27
Time:   9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Room:   D2  


Presenting Author:   Thomas HillmanAramco Services Company
Paper Title:   Range and Design of Untethered Downhole Vehicles
Author(s):   Thomas Hillman, Aramco Services Company
Max Deffenbaugh, Aramco Services Company
Rami Jabari, Aramco Services Company
Jack Webster, Gradient Marine
Ed Hulse, Aramco Services Company
Abubaker Saeed, Saudi Aramco

Presenting Author:   Ryoichi KawadaKDDI Research, Inc.
Paper Title:   Study on lightweight acoustic positioning for combined aerial and underwater drones
Author(s):   Ryoichi Kawada, KDDI Research, Inc.
Akihiko Nishitani, KDDI Research, Inc.
Junichi Kojima, KDDI Research, Inc.

Presenting Author:   Jeffrey KeSanta Clara University
Paper Title:   Low-cost, Minimal-power Marine Vertical Profilers for Lakes and Coastal Shallows
Author(s):   Jeffrey Ke, Santa Clara University
Steven Reimer, Santa Clara University
Jenny Huynh, Santa Clara University
Anshuman Sahu, Santa Clara University
Katherine Ott, Santa Clara University
Michael Neumann, Santa Clara University
Christopher Kitts, Santa Clara University

Presenting Author:   Justin ManleyJust Innovation Inc.
Paper Title:   30 Years Without Crews: An assessment of uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) developments since 1993
Author(s):   Justin Manley, Just Innovation Inc.

Presenting Author:   Akihiko NishitaniKDDI Research, Inc.
Paper Title:   Improvement of Combined Aerial and Underwater Drone System
Author(s):   Akihiko Nishitani, KDDI Research, Inc.
Ryoichi Kawada, KDDI Research, Inc.
Junichi Kojima, KDDI Research, Inc.
Tomoaki Matsuki, KDDI SmartDrone, Inc.
Kazuhiro Doimoto, KDDI SmartDrone, Inc.
Kiyokazu Sugaki, Prodrone Co., Ltd.


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