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Session:   10.6 Remotely Operated Vehicles
Co-Chair(s):   Bob Christ
Leonardo Macelloni
Day:   Wednesday, September 27
Time:   9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Room:   D9  


Presenting Author:   Tsukasa KITAPort and Airport Research Institute
Paper Title:   Elemental Study of Underwater Wall Climbing Platform for Port Inspection
Author(s):   Tsukasa KITA, Port and Airport Research Institute
Toshinari TANAKA, Port and Airport Research Institute

Presenting Author:   David WhiteUS Army Corps of Engineers
Paper Title:   Evolution of the USACE National Coastal Mapping Program and implementation of small Unmanned Aerial Systems
Author(s):   David White, US Army Corps of Engineers
Joseph Harwood, US Army Corps of Engineers
Christopher Macon, US Army Corps of Engineers
Justin Shawler, US Army Corps of Engineers

Presenting Author:   Parker BaillonFlorida Institute of Technology
Paper Title:   The Design of a Modular Remotely Operated Vehicle: Resin 3D Printed Mission Oriented Research Assistant (R3MORA)
Author(s):   Stephen Wood, Florida Institute of Technology
Parker Baillon, Florida Institute of Technology
Suzanne Dixon, Florida Institute of Technology
Katlynd Faust, Florida Institute of Technology
Payton Herman, Florida Institute of Technology
Harpoon Seabring, Florida Institute of Technology

Presenting Author:   Julie AngusOpen Ocean Robotics
Paper Title:   Using Uncrewed Surface Vehicles for Maritime Domain Awareness in Arabian Gulf
Author(s):   Fritz Stahr, Open Ocean Robotics
Julie Angus, Open Ocean Robotics
Elisabeth Paul, Open Ocean Robotics
Stuart Carmichael, Open Ocean Robotics


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