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Session:   9.0.2 Offshore Structures and Technology 2
Co-Chair(s):   Dave Jones
Kevin Martin
Day:   Wednesday, September 27
Time:   1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Room:   D12  


Presenting Author:   Mady Van WierenMichigan Technological University
Paper Title:   Development of a Low-Friction Testbed for Model Scale Wave Energy Converter Control System Studies
Author(s):   Mady Van Wieren, Michigan Technological University
Tania Demonte Gonzalez, Michigan Technological University
Houssein Yassin, Michigan Technological University
Niccolo Jeanetta-Wark, Michigan Technological University
Theo Kumpula, Michigan Technological University
John Naglak, Michigan Technological University
Gordon Parker, Michigan Technological University

Presenting Author:   Muthu ElenPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Paper Title:   Investigating the Longevity of Hydraulic Power Take-Off Piston Seals in Wave Energy Converters
Author(s):   Muthu Elen, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Donghui Li, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Mychal Spencer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Leonard Fifield, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Presenting Author:   Stephan SchachtUniversity of Rostock
Paper Title:   Minimally Invasive Vertical Deep-Sea Mining
Author(s):   Stephan Schacht, University of Rostock
Clemens Schütt, University of Rostock
Christoph Strehse, University of Rostock
Sascha Kosleck, University of Rostock

Presenting Author:   Ansgar LeefkenChair of Ocean Engineering, University of Rostock
Paper Title:   Observation of mobilization of munition-type test objects under sea-state conditions in the Baltic Sea
Author(s):   Ansgar Leefken, Chair of Ocean Engineering, University of Rostock
Louis Rautmann, Chair of Ocean Engineering, University of Rostock
Sascha Kosleck, Chair of Ocean Engineering, University of Rostock


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