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Session:   7.0.1 Optics, Imaging, Vision, and E-M Systems 1
Co-Chair(s):   Thomas Wissing
Umar Iqbal
Day:   Wednesday, September 27
Time:   1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Room:   D2  


Presenting Author:   Deok HanMississippi State University
Paper Title:   Portable stereo chute box imaging system design and development for fisheries
Author(s):   Deok Han, Mississippi State University
Robert Moorhead, Mississippi State University
John Ball, Mississippi State University
Farron Wallace, national oceanic and atmospheric administration
Ryan Caillouet, national oceanic and atmospheric administration

Presenting Author:   Ryan JeonInteger Technologies LLC
Paper Title:   Visual and Infrared Detection and Ranging (VAIDAR) of Marine Navigational Hazards
Author(s):   Ryan Jeon, Integer Technologies LLC
Nicholas Jones, Integer Technologies LLC

Presenting Author:   Kyle LuthyWake Forest University
Paper Title:   Development and Characterization of an Underwater Motion-Triggered Camera Trap
Author(s):   Kyle Luthy, Wake Forest University
Yanzhen Cheng, Wake Forest University
Colin Licavoli, Wake Forest University
William Crowe, Wake Forest University

Presenting Author:   Jin-Yeong ParkKRISO
Paper Title:   3D reconstruction using multiple acoustic images under roll motion based on back projection techniques
Author(s):   Jin-Yeong Park, KRISO
Hyuk Baek, KRISO
Bong-Huan Jun, KRISO
Pan-Mook Lee, KRISO


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