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Session:   9.0.1 Offshore Structures and Technology 1
Co-Chair(s):   Dave Jones
David Sliman
Day:   Wednesday, September 27
Time:   11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Room:   D12  


Presenting Author:   Alex TurpinPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Paper Title:   Hardware-in-the-Loop Efficiency Analysis of Tidal Power Systems
Author(s):   Linnea Weicht, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Alex Turpin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Benjamin Roberts, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Presenting Author:   Alaa AhmedStevens Institute of Technology
Paper Title:   Multi-fidelity Modeling and Simulation of Dual-flap Oscillating Surge Wave Energy Converter
Author(s):   Alaa Ahmed, Stevens Institute of Technology
Jia Mi, University of Michigan
Jianuo Huang, University of Michigan
Muhammad Hajj, Stevens Institute of Technology
Raju Datla, Stevens Institute of Technology
Lei Zuo, University of Michigan

Presenting Author:   Ashley MullenTexas A&M University
Paper Title:   Wave Energy Converter Integrated with Breakwater: Experimental Investigation of Hydrodynamic Efficiency
Author(s):   Ashley Mullen, Texas A&M University
Paul Koola, Texas A&M University
Sharath Girimaji, Texas A&M University

Presenting Author:   Julia Gionet-GonzalesTexas A&M University
Paper Title:   Pulsating Power Extraction from an Oscillating Water Column
Author(s):   Julia Gionet-Gonzales, Texas A&M University
Paul Koola, Texas A&M University
Girimaji Sharath, Texas A&M University

Presenting Author:   Adam KanterNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Paper Title:   Developing a Diverse Marine Energy Workforce Pipeline
Author(s):   Adam Kanter, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Arielle Cardinal, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Jennifer Daw, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Elise DeGeorge, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Bree Mendlin, The Hydropower Foundation
Betsy Stratton, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


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