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Session:   4.0.3 Remote Sensing 3
Co-Chair(s):   Jacob Sobin
Dick Crout
Day:   Thursday, September 28
Time:   9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Room:   D1  


Presenting Author:   Joshua TrockelCodar Ocean Sensors Ltd
Paper Title:   Strategies for Operating HF Radars in Field of View of Off-Shore Wind Turbines
Author(s):   Joshua Trockel, Codar Ocean Sensors Ltd
Brian Emery, UCSB
Anthony Kirincich, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Mike Muglia, East Carolina University
Hugh Roarty, Rutgers University
Patterson Taylor, Coastal Studies Institute - ECU
Dale Trockel, Codar Ocean Sensors Ltd
Teresa Updyke, Old Dominion University
Chad Whelan, Codar Ocean Sensors Ltd

Presenting Author:   Robert LoeschNOAA NOS CO-OPS
Paper Title:   NOAA NOS CO-OPS National Water Level Observation Network Requirements
Author(s):   Robert Loesch, NOAA NOS CO-OPS
Chung-Chu Teng, NOAA NOS CO-OPS
Peter Stone, NOAA NOS CO-OPS


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