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Session:   GC8 Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems in Shipbuilding
Co-Chair(s):   Brian Mckeon
Philip Hoffman
Day:   Wednesday, September 27
Time:   1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Room:   D4  


Presenting Author:   Robert GreerExail Defense Systems Inc
Paper Title:   DriX USV Seafloor Mapping Operations in support of TF 59
Author(s):   Robert Greer, Exail Defense Systems Inc
Timothy Barford, Exail Defense Systems Inc
Patrick Moran, Exail Defense Systems Inc

Presenting Author:   Michael SchererChance Maritime Technologies
Paper Title:   Enabling over the horizon operation on a line-of-sight uncrewed surface vehicle
Author(s):   Michael Scherer, Chance Maritime Technologies
Thomas Chance, Chance Maritime Technologies

Presenting Author:   Arnt-Helge OlsenKongsberg Discovery
Paper Title:   Addressing the Need to Grow the AUV Operator Workforce: Goal Based Mission Planning
Author(s):   Arnt-Helge Olsen, Kongsberg Discovery
Jacob Sobin, Kongsberg Discovery
Richard Mills, Kongsberg Discovery
Sarah Pilkington, Kongsberg Discovery
Steve Brodet, Kongsberg Discovery

Presenting Author:   Michael McCallumHuntington Ingalls Industries
Paper Title:   Digital Twin Technology for Autonomous Vessels
Author(s):   Brian Donlan, Sunrise Vessel
Michael McCallum, Huntington Ingalls Industries


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